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Children Children Children!!!

Why is it that when I ask my son to do one thing, he looks at me and does the opposite? Ugh!!! These little people have a mind of their own but as parents I know we have to curb these little behavioral issues before they get out of hand. One mistake I do not want to make as a parent, is condoning bad behavior. Granted kids do things that make us laugh; for example, my son threw a cup and I ask him repeatedly to pick it up but he felt the need to kiss me and ask questions instead of picking up the cup as I directed.
Superficially, this incident can be viewed as cute (“aaaawwww, he kissed you!!!). No the root issue is defiance and disobedience. When we look at the behaviors as such, I believe we will be more compelled to redirect them and expect different behaviors.

Think about if we laughed at these situations with unbalanced discipline until they were teenagers…at some point the laughter would stop when our children get in serious trouble. I don’t want that to happen at all, to my children or yours. So I admonish you to find a support system and a network of mothers who you can share in your concerns. (Actually, thats one of the reasons I created this blog 🙂

Prayer for us:

Lord we thank you for this day and allowing  us to experience your grace and mercy. Right now God we bring our children to you. We decree and declare that their lives will be ordered by the Lord because everything that they go through will work out for their good because they love you and are called according to your purpose. Help us as parents to deal with our children as You would. Show us the areas that need change or tailoring. I believe you want us to be the best parents we can be! Thank you Lord for loaning these precious lives to us because we know that ultimately they belong to you. We seal this prayer with the blood of Jesus and in Jesus’ name we pray, Amen.

Scripture references: Prov.22:6, Rom. 8:28)

Love you all

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