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Make your time slots and keep them!!!

I have really been enjoying my life, and I am enjoying it much more now that I am learning to understand how my lifestyle must be compartmentalized if I want to be successful.

I am a person who is very driven, a creative thinker, ambitious, and a go getter. Often times I sit around thinking about new ways to do different things or ways I can start a new venture. In the past I would drive myself crazy, by staying up all night and writing and allowing my mind to race. Some of you may think that’s okay but it isn’t. Why? Well because I wasn’t at peace, I was not able to be content and enjoy where I was because I was too focused on what I was “planning”.

I remember my husband saying to me, on many occasions, “Babe, just relax!” I would be thinking…”I am relaxed”, while I am biting my nails, tapping my pen, or staring into space. Ugh!!! I look back now and think of how much time I wasted, not enjoying myself or my family.

Now the Lord has me in a place and space that is so appreciative and relaxed. Yes, I still plan and want things to happen like clockwork but I understand what I must do in order for them to flow. For example, when I am on the “Mommy” clock, I don’t talk on the phone, I don’t get on the computer to do business, I don’t think about do anything that will take my mind off of being a “Mommy”. ( Although I am always a mother, I am talking about those designated times where we are spending quality time together.) When I am on the “Wife” clock, I don’t talk on the phone, I don’t do business unless it involves ‘us’, I don’t let anything take away from my husband’s time with me. ( Again, I am always a wife, but those moments that are designed for bonding, don’t get disrupted…how else would we have children hahahahahaha) Lastly, when I am being a businesswoman, I don’t allow my the issues of “Wife” or “Mother” interfere with that time slot.

Yesterday, I was listening to an amazing teaching Dani Johnson ( gave on getting things done in less time. I was blown away because many of those skills are so practical that we overlook them. That message was so timely because I needed to be refreshed!!! I was convicted of the time I let slip away by getting lax in my lifestyle organization. She reminded me, especially as a work at home mother, to be specific with your work hours and don’t let your work time spill over into your family time. OUCH OUCH OUCH!!!! I had just done that, because I allowed my anxiety to know “something” drive me to start researching on the computer, while telling my son to sit down even though he was pulling on my leg because he wanted my attention. I was wrong to do that because, I was doing business on his time which is my “Mommy” time.

Man O Man, being organized and consistent are two of the most important skills to have because I feel they set the foundation for how we operate in life. Phew! I feel better knowing that I can control my urges, which are a distraction, and focus solely on the role that I am in. (WIFE, MOTHER, or BUSINESSWOMAN)

Prayer for us:
Lord thank you so much for giving us clarity. Help us Lord to know and understand that we are not responsible to do everything or know everything but to seek you for direction. We are not to worry about what we will eat or drink or what we will wear but to take care of your business first and you will handle the rest. Please convict us when we don’t relax or stress about things we can’t control. Today and forever we put our trust in you by reading your word and building our relationship daily through prayer.
We love you, in Jesus’ name we pray Amen.

Matthew 6:33

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