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Husbands and Fathers are sooooo needed!!!!

I love the authority God has given men! They carry the supernatural power and authority in the earth; it’s men that can keep order and command respect.

Just the other night, I was getting my son ready for bed, and as usual he wanted to play and run around. Well my husband overheard me summoning my son numerous times, so he stepped into the room and instructed my son to come to me…..1 time!!! Amazing! How great it is to have a husband who loves being a husband and a father so much. He knows that he can’t afford not to take his place as the priest and leader of our family.

I just want to encourage you all to exhort and love your husbands for their position, and if they are not in position allow your prayers to get them there. Even for the women who aren’t married, I pray that you can get to a amicable place with your child’s father that will encourage a healthy and balanced upbringing for your child.

Prayer for us:
Thank you Lord for giving us men made in your image and likeness. We appreciate You for being mindful of us and knowing how important it is for us to be protected and have a higher authority that we and our children can submit to. Please forgive us for not respecting who men are suppose to be and for speaking negatively against them because of their areas of lack. Please help us to exercise the patience and love you have given us to exhibit.
In Jesus’ name, Amen!!!

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