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Well Happy New Year people,
My husband and I just returned from the wonderful island of Jamaica…let me tell you that God only knows how much we needed that time away. (In case you are wondering, we won this 8 day, 7night trip via the Newlywed Game yyayyayayayayayayayyayaayyyyyy)

OK so the weather was beautiful everyday, even when it rained for a few minutes it was just glorious. The temperatures were in the 80s but felt like 90s hahaha and we sat by the pool and waded in the ocean, built sand “things” because we never accomplished our goal of a castle hahahaha. Every meal was great and every snack was equally great, not to mention that the resort was all inclusive.

Besides all of that, my husband and I got to be friends again, and renewed our devotion to one another. It’s amazing how we can go to bed every night with our spouse and still not be clear on the issues that we go through. Well we got to talk and get clarity about the root of some of our plaguing problems that seemed to be superficial; needless to say the change in environment is what we needed to see clearly.

I am so grateful that we were able to go away for a week because it was life saving. Now we have new eyes and new hearts for one another. Even though we missed our 20 month old baby, his absence was necessary for us to regain the ground that was lost due to unforeseeable things that just “happen” in life and in marriage.

My prayer for you all is that you take time away to spend with one another. It doesn’t have to be a week, but maybe a weekend at a hotel in your city, or another state, or revisit the place where you first met and spend time there. I guarantee you that your marriage will be stronger and healthier.

Love you all

Prayer for us:
Father God I thank you for giving us the spouse that we have. Thank you for establishing the model for marriage in the beginning. Lord we ask that you would give us insight and wisdom in our marriages, show us and direct us on the areas in our marriages that need to be strengthened. We know the enemy seeks to destroy and annihilate our unions but we decree and declare that our marriages will stand up under the blood of Jesus and will not be defeated and/or destroyed. Thank you for your love and help us to express the same agape love in our marriages and other relationships. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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