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You are important…Wives and Mothers

Hello everyone,

I haven’t been on here in a couple of months…for good reason because we added a son to the family and a new business.

After getting into the swing of having another little person in the fold, I realize how mothers really have to be extreme multi-taskers and family managers. Honestly, we should add this on our resume and get honorary doctorate degrees in Business due to the amount of work that goes into fulfilling our daily obligations.

While there could be a lot to complain about and get mad over, we should really thank God for the wonderful role that can’t be duplicated. The role that answers her children’s many questions while holding a conversation with her husband. The role that gets more done in 3hrs. than so due in 24.

The role of “Wife and/or Mother” is a job for the loving, strong, and competent, not the mean or weak at heart. In honor of “Mother’s Day” 2012, make yourself the priority! Find time to get away to rest and relax, so you will be able to give your family 100% instead of operating at 75% or lower.

Reward yourself, make promises to yourself, set goals for yourself, and most of all honor and love yourself!

Prayer: Thank you Lord for making me such a wonderful wife and mother, who can’t be replaced. I ask you to give me strategies and ideas that will enhance my role in the lives of my family. Teach me how to love myself and take better care of myself.  In Jesus’ name, Amen


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