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Hey Y’all,

I hope you are having a grrreeeeaaatttttt day. The sun is shining, the sky is clear, and the wind is blistering cold. Ugh! I love winter and everything but I love it more when it’s closer to ending. Anyhoo, I had the best epiphany…well it really stemmed from my husband’s divine wisdom. 

Ok so I was battling some emotions and feelings towards a few different people and I couldn’t settle myself. I was eating alot of junk food, I was rehearsing different scenarios in my mind, and I kept getting upset because I couldn’t figure out a way to communicate my feelings better. After writing, praying, and eating I still couldn’t find my peace. Untttiiiillllllllll….I spoke with my celestial husband boo thang. He simply said, “What do you expect?” Bing! Light bulb moment! I then noticed that I was expecting something that was not going to happen.

I can cry, complain, badger, yell, cuss, and get mad as much as I want but I can’t change anyone but ME! Duh! I was try to do the impossible. Jesus, Himself, doesn’t change people because He allows them to make their own decisions. Here I am, Aquisha the Great, who thought that I could change someone’s views or coerce them into being what I thought was best. Well, lawd knows I got my life together real quick honey.  

Mr. Harris made me align my thoughts according to the Word of God and according to the plans that we set for our family. He pointed out that I was not at my best when I allow foolish things to take up real estate in my mind. Yup! Yup! Yup! He was correct and since then I canceled the thoughts from taking residence in my mind; sometimes they do visit but they can’t stay. 

Note to you: If what you’re thinking isn’t progressive then cancel it and evict it from taking space in your mind. Think on honorable, hopeful, progressive, good, family, business, personal, and professional things instead.

I hope that this helped someone, and we talk more about these things in my book “A Modern View of Virtue: The Journey of Becoming a Proverbs 31 Woman”. go to

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