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Emotional Baggage

OK so we all have problems….RIGHT???

Don’t be in denial! I know that I have enough problems and issues to digest and figure out. So, since you don’t have any problems I will just share what I learned.

OK so here are the top 5 things I learned from having issues:

1. When I carry my problems it causes depression and feelings of apathy.
2. When I carry my problems it negatively alters my perspective and outlook on life.
3. When I carry my problems I am more likely to look at the worst in people, rather than focusing on  the good in them.
4. When I carry my problems I speak negative words and create a polluted atmosphere.
5. When I carry my problems I take myself and my family for granted.

Now that I identified my issues, who’s responsibility is it to make sure that I don’t fall victim to these problems? MINE!!!!

No longer do I have the luxury of sitting around and letting these problems overtake me because I IDENTIFIED them, which makes me RESPONSIBLE and ACCOUNTABLE. I hope that this encourages you to be mindful of your EMOTIONAL BAGGAGE and put an EXPIRATION DATE on how long you TRAVEL WITH THEM!

I love you beyond words and I want the best for you. I speak more about these situations in my book “A Modern View of Virtue: The Journey of Becoming a Proverbs 31 Woman”. All you have to do is click the link and BAM 😉 Paypal.Me/AquishaHarris/15.98

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