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Bully Prevention Awareness Month

Yes! It’s October, Bully Prevention Awareness Month, among other disease and organizational awarenesses. However, since I am a mother and a victim of minor, inconsistent bullying, this month is important to me. Can you believe thousands of children opt to stay home just so they don’t have to face their bully? Do you know how many kids are suicidal due to the torment that they experience at the hands of bullies?

About 30,000 kids stay home everyday due to the fear of being bullied in school. (ABCNews)

School should be a safe haven, but cyber bullies and in-school bullies are contaminating the learning experience. Countless youth have committed suicide due to this overwhelming negative onslaught.

Despite these horrible statistics and truths, it is up to you and me to reclaim the lives of our youth. We have to reaffirm and reassure them of their gifts and talents. Also, we have to examine the bullies and find the source of their need to attack.

How awesome would it be if we could save ONE kid from committing suicide today? How amazing would it be if we could encourage 1,000 kids to go to school and not to be afraid of the cowardice bullies? How great would it be if we could refine these bullies and redirect their negative influence into a positive one?

If you agree, and you desire to be an advocate for someone in need please use and share these resources:

We are in the business of supporting, enriching, and empowering. Help us save a life!!!


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