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QUI-TV [Candles by Carolyn]

OMG!!!!!! I’m so excited. We aired our first episode of “The Qui to Success”, and it was awesome. Our guest, Carolyn of Candles by Carolyn, was such an inspiration and she leaves no room for excuses. She had an abusive past, yet started her sewing business “on the run” from her abusive mate. She had young children in tow, but she made it happen. She knew she had a skill, sewing, and that allowed her to seek clients in need of clothing, drapes, etc. If she had of succumb to her circumstance, Candles by Carolyn would have been a vapor. Thankfully, through pray and determination, she elevated her business that turned into a product line of candles and spa products.

I truly enjoyed talking to Carolyn and having our product featuring segment because I got to test products and smell them before everyone else. Since Carolyn and I love you so much, we want you to have a FREE 8oz. CANDY CANE CANDLE with every purchase. Start your holiday shopping now and get a free gift for yourself or give it to someone else. Don’t forget to use PROMO CODE: QUITV

Check out our full video on Qui Tv:

Happy holidays!!!


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