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Busy Being Bigger! Be Bigger Than Your Diagnosis!

When I was 22 years old, I was told I have an incurable disease called Fibromyalgia. At the time I felt relief for finally having a name, and a reason for the pain wracking my body. Then the reality set in that there is no cure, and I began to question my purpose in life. My pain got worse, life got harder and my body just couldn’t seem to get well. Another diagnosis, no cure, more medication, still I had no purpose. I fell into a depression so deep, I was simply waiting to die. I ceased to exist. There was no fight inside of me, I was a shell.

I had always believed in God. I was told many times that I would be a great force for the kingdom of heaven and help many of God’s people. But when you live a life full of constant pain, it is hard to believe that you will be great at anything. I didn’t want to be great, I wanted to be healed. The more I prayed for healing, the more God would tell me His grace is sufficient. He told me He would raise me up, strengthen my body and my mind, so I could strengthen His people. As a shy introvert, I had no desire to stand before anyone. I believed I had nothing to offer; no dreams to feed the masses, no hope to give the broken. How could I give what I did not possess?

Little did I know, my life was about to change. As I was feeling sorry for myself, my father came to me one day and asked me when did I stop fighting, and why did I give up? He said to me, “You used to be a fighter, you used to ignore the doubts of your doctors and do your own thing.” That conversation proved to be a catalyst to propel me into my destiny. After a conference call with Nehemiah Davis, and Marcus Y Rosier, on February 16th; I was able to start my company BiggerThanMyDiagnosis, LLC on February 25th. Since that day, I have launched a YouTube channel, a website, started a weekly feature blog, wrote my first book, empowered people through speaking, and designed an apparel line of T-shirts made for those who live with chronic illnesses.

While I am still sick, because there is no cure, I am no longer powerless. Life will bring storms and sometimes God will calm the storm but others He will calm His child. I no longer pray for God to remove the mountain called fibromyalgia, I pray for the strength to keep running and climbing my way to the top.  I will never stop speaking, I will not stop trying, and I will never again give my power to this disease. In life you have a choice, you can either fight or you can give up. Though I may get knocked down, I will always get up to fight another day. BiggerThanMyDiagnosis, LLC is how I fight back, it is how I help others to fight, it is how I conquer my purpose, and it is how I honor the gift of life God has given me.

We all have pain, but we all have purpose. Find yours and never give it up for anyone or anything. I love you, God loves you, and you are so much stronger than you realize.


Sabrina L Washington, Founder

BiggerThanMyDiagnosis, LLC


Instagram: biggerthanmydiagnosisllc

Twitter: BTMDiagnosis


YouTube Channel: BusyBeingBigger

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