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Breastfeeding is the best!!!!

Ok so, besides the fact that my nipples endured a new pain when my baby latched, it was a pretty beautiful experience. After breastfeeding 3 boys, I can truly say that nursing is the way to go.

Here are my 4 reasons I prefer breastfeeding:

  1. My boys didn’t suffer from sicknesses and rarely experienced a common cold because my breastmilk supplied them with the vitamins, nutrients, and antibodies that they needed to fight off biological attacks on their ittle wittle bodies.
  2. My preggo pounds nearly disappeared. Man O man, I was so excited to see my fluffiness go down. I think I was more excited for nursing time than the baby.
  3. No midnight bottle making for me! Breastfeeding is so convenient, honey all you have to do is roll over put them on the boob! You avoid having to go to the kitchen, warm up a bottle, wait for it to get to room temperature, and oh yeah don’t forget that the baby is screaming during all of this (ugh!) No thanks!!!
  4. Breastmilk is free!!!! I was looking at the prices for formula and OMG! The price for formula is sky high, and even if you have coupons or W.I.C resources they are still more than FREE!

The list can go on and on but hey check out this cool article and see other cool facts >>>

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