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OMG!!! Coffee Face Scrub

Honey let me tell you, I am one who has sensitive skin. I mean really sensitive skin like if you sneeze in my direction I’ll probably break out ahahahahahaha. Anyhoozer, I was making coffee the other day and while I was removing the coffee filter from the coffee maker, I had an idea. [bing!] “I’ll use this coffee as a scrub,” ok so I’ve used coffee on my skin before but never my face because my skin is so sensitive.

Now I looked at the coffee and looked at my face then I looked at the coffee and looked at my face again finally, I just rubbed the ground coffee onto my face like a wash. After a few minutes, I washed the coffee off of my face and taa daa…my face felt like a newborn baby. Instantly my face was revived and rejuvenated. I’m not an esthetician or anything so I don’t know what happened biologically or technically but I was pleased with what I saw. Following the coffee scrub, I followed it up with a moisturizer and my face was feeling and looking great for the rest of the day.

I’ll keep you posted on what else I notice about this coffee scrub!!! Don’t you just love beauty tips and secrets….yeah me too!



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