Not enough time in the day? Here’s How To Fix It

Good day loves,

I know that you many of us woke up this morning and hit the ground running without giving ourselves a few minutes of meditation to reflect on how we should design our day. My days started getting out of hand a while back because I was so disorganized and running rampant that I didn’t know whether to wind my butt or scratch my watch hahahahaha! But seriously, I had to remember how precious my time was and become aggressive about how I was managing myself during certain blocks of the day.

I like totally had to shift from time management to mom management because let’s be real, no one can manage time but we can manage what WE do. So I put my organizational skills to work and got my life together honey. While creating this mom management sheet I decided to break my day into 3-hour blocks, like a college class schedule almost, and by doing that I allowed myself an appropriate amount of time during that set to get certain items done. Now, if I didn’t get a chance to finish it then I would let it carry-over to the next day. The block time also gave me room to handle kid stuff and toddler meltdowns and things of that nature.

Since I’m all about Mrs. and Mommys Uniting (see what I did there ) I have to give you the Time M(om)anagment Tool. I hope that it makes your life easier or atleast each day easier.

Click here suga >>> TIMEMOMWKBK



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