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Break All The Rules And Have a Day Date

Go on a Day Date with your Husband

[Clutch your pearls] Yes! You read the title correctly. I mean seriously I only became a Mommy after being a Mrs. so yes day dates can be a recipe for children. I digress, anyhoozers wifehood and motherhood can become a bit taxing. So much so, that some days we can trade in the lingerie for some sweats or the candlelight dinners for take-out and Netflix. He may be in the mood and you may be exhausted and vice versa.

It wasn’t until we had children that my husband and I decided to break the rules, and that’s not hard for me because I’m a regular ole rebel rouser anyway hahaha. We no longer planned all of our dates at night with a dinner and a nightcap of lovemaking, because we didn’t want to risk falling asleep when the lights went out aaaahhhhhahaha! But really, it was a harsh reality and instead of demanding what seemed to be impossible some nights we just changed the rules.

Day Dates vs. Late Night Dates

Our late night movie and dinner dates changed to a matinee and a lunch or breakfast depending on how early we could ditch the kids. We started revisiting places and events that we enjoyed while we were dating (in high school smh this guy has been around for some time). For example, we absolutely love the bookstore so we would go on a date to the bookstore and get something to eat at the local bistro or coffee shop. After that, we would head home and get naked and look into each other’s eyes (for a few seconds) then get nasty before it was time to pick up the kids. Not to mention we still had time to take an uninterrupted nap. Now, our late night dates were eventful because we have super duper fun together, but we often get back home to kids who are waiting up for us or they wait until we get in a romantic mood to knock on the door and sleep in our bed. Don’t get me wrong, we love our kids but our marriage has to be prioritized. Many married couples lose sight of each other and the reason they fell in love, before the kids. During day dates, the conversations tend to have more substance because the sun is shining and I think a nice day positively effects your psyche.

Morning and afternoon dates are so precious and it’s less pressure to stay awake hoping not to fall asleep in the middle of your spouse talking or kissing. Believe me, I love dating my husband and it’s better when we start early and maximize our time together. It has brought us closer and made us better teammates, especially since we have “team meetings” quite often 🙂 If you didn’t know, we have 3 active boys and we are pregnant with 2 more boys. So needless to say, we have to focus on our union so that we don’t get lost in our kids’ lives and activities. Now do you see why I love Day Dates :-)? We play while the kids are away…in school!

Have fun with your man baby!!!

Aquisha Harris

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