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My Biggest Mistake with RAISING BOYS!!!

Hello loves,

SSSSooooooo if you don’t know, we have 3 boys (Rezon Jr., Ryan, and Roman) and I was making a huge mistake and didn’t know it until my husband told me. My idea about raising boys was good in theory until I actually had these little people. I had a good handle on the fact that boys fight, they eat alot, and they fight 🙁 but no one prepared me for the emotional aspect that boys experience.


I stereotyped their emotional behavior and just expected them to “get over it” and “stop crying “. Duh! They are humans with emotions and they are men being groomed in a boys’ body. How dare I deny them something that is so natural and developmental? I was being waaaayyyyy too hard on them and I finally noticed it when they would cry and run to their father’s arms for comfort. Now, I understand them much better thanks to Dr.Price.

WHAT KIND OF MOTHER AM I? A TYRANT? A TOTALITARIAN? A COLD HEARTED B— BATTLEAXE? Yes, to all of those! I had to reevaluate myself and the reason I was doing these things’ which were essentially punishing my children and ultimately causing a strain on our relationship. [tears all around] Clearly, I had to change and fast!

I began to realize that I get to goal-oriented when my life is unbalanced and I am not operating in the fullness of my womanhood and mommyhood. I was too focused on open projects that had to be completed, cleaning the house and making it neat [just so they can mess it up again], and clearing my “to do” list so that I could relax…but I still wasn’t relaxed because my kids need me.

So I reorganized my day, and got comfortable with the fact that “EVERYTHING WON’T GET DONE TODAY”! Oh well, the laundry may be piled high OH WELL, my boys needed their mother. They needed the emotional bond and reassurance that I loved to spend time with them. They needed to know that they can talk to me and share their feelings. Of course, they still withhold information, but we are working on it.

My oldest son, Rezon Jr. aka “Life of the Party“, told me that I need to chill because I was being too hyped. He said “Mom, I’ll be your STRESS MANAGER”(THIS IS MY ACTUAL DE-STRESSER) and I’ll let you know when to lay down and watch a movie or do something fun because I want you to be alright and take care of yourself.” OMG! I almost passed out! He’s so intuitive and I listen to my kids when they say intuitive things like that because I believe the Lord speaks to them and downloads certain nuggets of wisdom.

Now, I am more aware of how I treat my boys. I allow them space to share and express their emotions, but not too much because they can be dramatic (thanks alot Disney Channel). Anyhoozers, I’m glad that they trust me with their hearts because they started coming to me when they were hurting or crying. YYYYYYAAAAYYYYYY!!!! Kick rocks Daddy Harris hahahahahhahaha, well not really because Daddy Harris is an awesome man, husband, and father xoxoxo!

I hope this helped someone. Don’t forget to comment and share.



Mrs. Mommy

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