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Choosing Toys For Different Learning Styles In Children

Choosing Toys For Different Learning Styles In Children

All kids are enamored with their playtime. It gives them an option to relax and rest their minds. Relaxation just happens to be the best breeding ground for learning. Of course, different children have a different learning style.

Some kids learn through ocular means, others by experiencing and so on. Depending on the style of your kid’s learning, they will like different toys. Some will prefer ride on toys, others puzzles. Let’s see just how a learning style may influence the toy choice.

Auditory learners

These children best learn new things through listening or talking. Their brains are more predisposed to soak in auditory info. Because of this, during the upbringing, you may have to explain a little more. They will memorize something the best if you just elaborate.

The best toys for them are any ones that include sound effects. Sound puzzles, audio books, interactive games and dolls with voices are all good choices for such children. If they like maths and numbers, talking cash register may be a good choice.  Auditory-oriented children will generally be more predisposed to learn to read faster.

Foreign languages could give these kids an education basis from a young age. It combines a useful skill and a fun experience. Talk with your child about starting such a thing.

Kinesthetic learners

Kinesthetic-oriented children have a slightly different sense of soaking in new information. They want to move and experience the world first hand. Of course, kinesthetic kids have more energy and vigor than others. They will often stand out in a crowd and have the most ideas. In future, they can grow to be leaders in groups.

When it comes to toys for them, the choice may be a little wider than usual. Crocodile hop floors are one good way for kids to have fun using their muscles. Alphabet marks the spot is a good way to employ their minds too. Anything with numbers and movements is a great choice.

Sports are also a good way to allow kids to gain knowledge if they have this learning type. It also brings teamwork to the table. A fun sport may also be a good social developing factor for them. Give them a chance to try it out.

Tactile learners

This form of learning is characteristic for kids that like details. They are naturally curious and possess a will to get to know things by experience. Unlike auditory learners, tactile ones don’t respond well to explanations. They want a visual and obvious representation of what you mean. Such children are also very creative.

Shape-based games are an excellent choice for children of this learning style. Their mental capabilities tend to develop due to touching and exploring. Shape Sorting Cupcakes is one such good game.  

If they are interested in it, they will surely love dinosaur toys. As they get to know them, they will learn more and more about biology and science things. It’s a good chance for the child to have a better grasp of general information and trivia.

Visual learners

Kids with this learning style have an ability to dig deep into the visual aspect of things. They will know how their toys are organized and will notice small details about everything. As the years go by, they will fall in love with pictures, charts, and diagrams. They want something they can see and observe and are often skeptical from a young age. Maths can also be their knack because of the logical approach.

Mentally, these kids will lean towards the natural science side, like programming, mathematics, and science. Math-based games with numbers will be loved by children who learn things visually. Flashcards and quizzes will also fill the days of such kids.

Building blocks are one good thing for visually-oriented children. They can be a fun and challenging experience. If they’re old enough, you can introduce chess to them. That will teach them to think logically and to be crafty, as they memorize the moves.

Versatile learners

The most versatile kids possess the elements of every learning style. It’s important to know that they will pass through a lot of phases in their childhood. They tend to have uncertain and uneven opinions about what they want. This is why toys may quickly become boring to them.

Versatile-oriented kids tend to want to talk. By treating them as equals, you will find out exactly what do they wish for.

To conclude

Understanding how your child likes to learn will make life easier for everyone. The kid won’t tend to be unpleased with the quality of their day. Also, by knowing what toys to give them, it will enhance their confidence and teach them to slowly become independent.

Furthermore, knowing their strengths also means you can focus on weaker learning aspects. The growth should be an all-around one.

-Kevin Doyle

Kevin Doyle


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