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4 Fast ways to get more organized

#1 Fast Way to get more organized

Before you get flustered, put these 4 organization tips into practice. I promise that it will help lighten your load. Ok, so 1st make a list of things that need to get done today. I would suggest that you write down every task without putting them in any particular order. This process works best if you wake up much earlier than your family or if you complete your list the night before, in preparation for the next day. Keep in mind that you may list 50 tasks but it doesn’t mean that it has to get done in one day.

#2 Fast Way to get more organized

What’s more important? #2 Based on your list, review the items and select the most important tasks that are most likely to get done in one day and/or need to get completed. Prioritize the tasks in order of importance; on this step, we want to be realistic and hold ourselves accountable to be more efficient. Sometimes when people make a “to do” list, they tend to list the frivolous tasks first and the more important, time consuming items last. Raise your hand if you’ve done that to feel more accomplished, but you really just did a bunch of nothing. I mean seriously, you have 5 loads of laundry to do but you focus on organizing your phone apps and start some other random thing. I’m being facetious but you get my point.

#3 Fast Way to get more organized

You know the saying “Rome wasn’t built in a day”, but most moms believe that the Romans were incompetent and we are pretty sure a group of mothers could have had it done in a few hours. On a serious note, we have to be realistic about our goals. #3 Check your list and circle the tasks that will have to be completed on another day. We do not get extra points for doing a million things and neglecting ourselves. Actually, we do more harm to ourselves when we get burnt out. I can’t count the number of mothers, wives, and businesswomen who suffer from stress, high blood pressure, anxiety, insomnia, cancer, and the list goes on. We have to be at peace with the fact that EVERYTHING WON’T GET DONE TODAY! If you feel overwhelmed or incompetent, just renew your mind and focus on the next day.

#4 Fast Way to get more organized

Although women are conditioned to work hard and fix everyone’s problems, doesn’t mean that we should. #4 Each and every day we should have a MY TIME/ MY TURN moment. We need to incorporate our personal time into our daily schedule. Take an hour or two and relax. No matter what’s left on your list you must take a time out and cater to yourself. Use this time to read a book, play in makeup, take a nap, watch your favorite tv show or movie, eat some snacks, drink a glass or 3 of wine, make yourself laugh, do anything but work. You deserve a break!!!

I hope this helped you get organized

These 4 fast ways to get organized are super easy to implement, so commit to the process and watch how easy your days will become. Always remember….YOU ROCK!!!

Love you pumpkins,

Aquisha “Mrs. Mommy”

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