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The Importance of Being Organized & How I Overcame Disorder


Hey loves, one of my fellow Mrs. Mommys wanted to share her experience of coming out of the “dark side” of disorder and walking into the marvelous world of being a more organized mommy. Here’s her story…we’ll call her “Monica”:-) Enjoy!

Is Organization important?

As working or stay home moms, you have to ask, is there really any importance of actually being organized? Is it not more interesting to live life as it comes and not have to plan for anything?

Well. If ever you have asked yourself any of these questions, then you probably do not know about the various importance of being organized. It is definitely not about taking the spontaneity and fun out of life, instead, it is actually about being more productive and getting the very best you can from life.

Are you a working and a stay home mom and are having trouble overcoming disorder?

Here are some important reasons to get more organized.

 Reason #1

 You will end up saving a lot of money

Have you ever purchased a kitchen utensil or ingredient which you thought you did not have, only to discover it weeks later crammed in the back of a cabinet or a drawer?

Exactly! Me too!

After spending tons of money on utensils and ingredient I already had, I was so frustrated that I decided to organize my whole kitchen in a day. Although it was a lot of work, however, it was more than worth it. Now, I know exactly where to check whenever I need a particular item.

Being organized helped me put a stop to any last minutes purchase.

Suggested Organization tools: Voice command technology, Echo Dot, & Chalkboard Labels.

Reason #2

There will be enough time for yourself as well as your family and friends

Being organized will assist you in getting things done faster. You will spend much less time looking for things and more time with your kids. Once, I used to have a chaotic surrounding, my kids didn’t help matters as their books, bags, and toys were always scattered around the house. Then, I was always looking for something and this not only consumes my precious time but also puts me in a bad mood.

So, I had to rearrange the whole house and created sections where different items should be kept. Each section had labels and instructions like in a library. Now, everyone including my kids knows where to keep or find a particular item.

This helped me free up enough time for myself and also for my family and friends. We can never get back yesterday so, we make sure to get the most out of every day.

Suggested Tools: Stackable Storage Bins

Reason #3

Improved health

Those periods in my life when I was actually disorganized, my health definitely showed it. Whenever I am too busy cleaning and moving from one clutter pile to another, then I do not have the time to vacuum and dust. However, I definitely have to make the time to vacuum and dust because of the allergies my family is suffering from.

My disorderliness usually shows the most in my meal planning. I and my family end up ordering junk foods or going out to dinner. So, we end up spending more money just because there is absolutely not a thing in the fridge and I have no clue whatsoever on how or what meal to fix from nothing.

The bottom line is, when I am organized, we eat a lot healthier.

Also, I have the time and energy to exercise because disorganization is no longer draining me of my energy.

Being organized is really a full-circle conception.

Suggested Tools: Crockpot


I hope that you enjoyed reading about ” Monica” and her experience of going from Disorder to Organized.

Leave a comment and we look forward to chatting with you.


Aquisha aka Mrs. Mommy

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