Breaking News: 3 things I learned from having an unwanted C-Section!

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3 Things I learned from an unwanted C-Section

C-Sections Suck, but here’s what I learned

Ok so first of all, I had beautiful twin boys 2 weeks ago. Royce Robert Harris came on the scene at 4:37am the morning of January 29, 2018, weighing 7.5 lbs and stretching out a full 19.5 inches; 2 minutes later, Rico Raymond Harris came in weighing 7.1lbs and spanning a stunning 19in. Sounds glorious right? Well, about 90 minutes prior to their arrival I was experiencing a slew of emotions from fear to anger.

All Labor & Delivery are not the same

It all started about 2 hours after my husband and I had a “meeting” before the newbies came into the world. Honey, I was well on my way to sleep when I heard a ‘pop’ like a balloon. I immediately knew my water broke because I remembered that sound from my first pregnancy, but I saw a gruesome sight when I got to the foot of the bed. BLOOD!!!!!!!!

Blood was pouring from my body with no intention of stopping. I was nervous because I couldn’t feel the babies moving,nor did I feel any contractions. OMG! I had to gather my thoughts and feelings because I knew that Jesus wouldn’t allow anything traumatic to happen, not after all the promise that my children hold. Ok so, I realized my water/blood mix wasn’t going to stop anytime soon and that’s when I tapped my husband and told him “It’s Go Time!!” Rezon jumped up so fast and walked back and forth at least 3 times before he got his bearings hhhhaaaaa. (I was laughing on the inside).

Anyhoo, my bedroom floor was a bloody mess and I didn’t want to leave it like that BUT my husband saw my face and said, “NO, we have to go!”. He instinctively knew that I wanted to clean up and take a shower before leaving to go to the hospital. However, the water/blood stopped for a moment and I took that opportunity to dart to the car. Keep in mind, I was holding 2 bath towels and my husband put a comforter on the car seat.

My doctors & nurses were the best!

We got to the hospital in no time, thanks to the police escort, and the nurses took their positions. I was relieved to be there because I could finish laboring then eventually see my pumpkin face babies. SMH! None of that happened because Baby A was stretched out across my pelvis and in a breech position, but Baby B was head down.UGH! I was still bleeding too so the odds we stacked against me. The doctor came in and told me what needed to be done, but I wasn’t trying to hear it. I needed God to give me a miracle because I was unsettled about having a C-Section.

After reading all of the scary paperwork, the doctor reminded me that this was the best option for the baby. Once I heard that something in me clicked and went into a mode that wanted the best outcome for my babies. About an hour later, I was sewed up, numb as crap, but elated to see and breastfeed my babies for the first time. I was shocked because I had fun in the O.R. hahahaha because we were cracking jokes and the mood was light. No one would’ve guessed that it was after 4am. I was so thankful to have such angels doing my procedure and dealing with my babies. On top of that, the nurses declared me a “Rock StarMom” because I was mobile, had a quick recovery, didn’t have any pain after the procedure, and I tandem breastfed off the bat. #boom

The 3 things I learned…

#1- When you pray, make sure that it’s aligned with what God wants for you. Many times we pray or decree things out of fear instead of asking for divine wisdom, peace, and guidance in those situations.

#2- You will be the miracle and blessing people need to see. We distributed thank you cards to the nurses and doctors who cared for us, and they were so grateful. One nurse almost cried because we restored her joy in the job because she was losing her zeal for nursing.{Her name was Joy too…super cool}

#3- The safety of your children should always be your top priority. No matter how I wanted to deliver my babies, ultimately I had to surrender to the safest option for them.

Don’t forget to watch the YouTube video of me in the O.R. smh it was so funny OMG!

Until next time loves,

Aquisha-Mrs. Mommy

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