3 Ways Mommy Can Get Her Life Together


3 Ways Mommy Can Get Her Life Together…


Yes, we are mothers! No, we don’t always have it together all of the time but we are works in progress. I don’t know about you, but I felt alot of pressure to be perfect when my first son was born. I would look at other moms and compare myself. Heck! I would think back over my childhood and compare myself to how my mom raised us. After failing time and time again, I quickly realized that there is no “model” way to raise “YOUR” child. Sure you could read books, join social media groups, and get advice from people who have been in your situation but ultimately, you will have to create a masterplan for your child. OMG! Children seem to take over your life and everything you were and everything that you planned to do before they were born seems to stand still. Well, after my second baby boy, I quickly learned that my peace and sanity were more important than me being perfect. Here are the 3 things that helped me get my life back together.

#1: Free Ya Mind

How often do you walk around with a million and one things on ya mind? Do you actually remember all that you had planned to do by the end of the night? I am a thinker and I always have something on my mind, whether it’s something that I forgot to do, something that I need to do, or something that needs to get done in the future. I would think so much that I’d often take the present moment for granted. I knew that overthinking was becoming an issue for my husband and sons. So, I came up with perfect solution… you wanna hear it?

Mind dumping! Yay! Sorry, it sounds gross but it’s so awesome. Mind dumping is just what it sounds like; you have to empty everything thats on your mind on a piece of paper or record it on a device. The object of the exercise is to unload the overwhelming thoughts that you have and put them where you can see them. I found that by mind dumping I am able to create a solid action plan, which allows me to get more accomplished. You should try it too!

#2 Priority

Great! The tasks are all out of your head and  on the paper but now what? You have to organize the list by priority so that you don’t spend precious time doing frivolous things. This will help you to focus on getting the task done without just being satisfied with completing a bunch of items that could have waited. Take a look at your list and organize it accordingly.

#3 Me Time

We make these grand “to-do” lists and I wonder how many of us actually put our personal needs on the list? Not many, I’m sure because mommy takes care of everyone else and can’t seem to find time for herself. Time out for leaving yourself last on the list. Moms have to run on a full tank or else she and everyone else will suffer. We can’t give all of ourselves, when there’s nothing left. Do me a favor and schedule time for yourself? Give yourself a refuel and get rejuvenated!


These are the 3 ways that I get my life together and I hope that this helps you!



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