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Mommy Burnout is REAL…

Is there any reward being given for Mommy Burnout?

You deserve a break


Burnout mom


A few weeks ago I caught myself staring off into space and feeling like a complete loser. I couldn’t put my finger on what was wrong, but I knew something was wrong. I was snappy, distant, emotional, and just going through the motions. A part of me was jealous of my husband because he could come and go throughout the day without having to lug twin infants around, and not to mention be their milk on tap every moment. I wasn’t feeling where my head was. Don’t get me wrong… I wasn’t having the” baby blues” or anything but I was feeling some kind of oppression. I knew something had to change.

I’m just a Mom

There are so many issues I have when people say “just a mom”. Being a mom is an enormous responsibility, and so many women get stuck in the job title. Well, I was one of the women stuck in the “just a mom” pigeon-hole. I noticed that I allowed myself to forsake my self-care. I wasn’t spending enough quality time on myself, instead, I was just wasting time. When I first had the twins, I was really good about taking quality time for myself so that I could be balanced for my family. As the twins have gotten older and don’t sleep as long, I began to take quick quiet times, but it was futile because I wasn’t tending to my needs.

As the months passed, I got into a rut and started ignoring my needs for the sake of my family, so I told myself. I didn’t realize that I was creating this pity party and having way too many “woe is me” sessions. To be honest, social media made it worst because I would look at people’s families and get upset because I started comparing myself to what was being portrayed in the picture.

I’m a woman who is a mom

So my husband caught wind of my little pitiful pity party and he reassured me of who I am. He helped me take the veil off and see through the eyes of love. He helped me get realigned in my purpose. After talking with him and being affirmed by him, I was able to see the woman that I was neglecting. I remembered that Aquisha, the woman, is beautiful and needs to be pampered and treated like royalty. I’m so happy that I am married to a man who isn’t a jerk because I was in such a vulnerable position and anything negative could have made matters worse. I’m so happy that my husband sees me as just a mom or just a wife…My husband loves me <<if your husband loves you too, then you’d love this shirt<<<.

I think it’s time to pick our next Mommy vacay!

Supermom is back

Granted, we all are supermoms but every now and again we need to take the cape off and recharge. I recharge by getting my hair done, getting my nails and feet done, getting a massage, putting some makeup on, and/or taking my quality time. Moms don’t have to fight every fight, put out every fire, and swoop in to save the day all the time. When we invest in ourselves and put our needs first, then everything else will fall into place. Feeling down and feeling inadequate comes with the job sometimes, but don’t be dismayed because no one can take your superpowers.

I think this is a topic that we should discuss more and more. Maybe I should discuss it on our show “Mommy’s Mixes & Mocktails with Qui and Bri”, but you can see previous episodes on the tab in the menu bar. Anyhoo, I hope that you feel recharged or make a plan to get recharged because you are more important. We have to learn how to give from our overflow, meaning when we are full then give from the extra instead of taking from what you need to sustain.

I hope that this helps someone.


Love yall xoxoxoxoxoxo,




2 thoughts on “Mommy Burnout is REAL…

  1. Qui, I totally relate to this. It’s tough balancing it ALL. I often struggle trying to keep up with the boys, my brother, my husband, my business, my mother’s affairs, the house renovation, and then ME. Smh. I’m exhausted, there aren’t enough hours in the day. I’m getting a room soon for a couple of nights. I need a mommy vacation. I love my family, but they wear me out.

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