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Is flirting cheating? How far is too far for you or your husband?

Is flirting cheating?

Where do you and your hubby draw the line?

I can be a little flirtatious, but mostly because I’m charismatic and funny. I will crack jokes and make acquaintances with virtually anyone because I’m friendly. However, I would not dare to disrespect my husband by being openly romantic or sexually inviting to anyone.

How far is too far?

Like Bri said, it depends on who you ask about flirting. Every relationship has their own guidelines and boundaries, but I think there is a very thin line between flirting and an all out sex invite. You have to know what you are willing to put up with and if you trust that your partner will not give in to the slightest amount of attention because we all know that can go south . . . no pun intended ahahahahaha.

I guess one could say that I am a natural flirt because I smile when I talk to people, I crack jokes, and I laugh but I rarely touch unless I’m giving a hug or something. (I’m a total hugger….so stay away if you see me in the streets hahahaha). Bri, who is a bartender by trade, flirts because it’s kind of a part of the job but trust me she is not seeking a replacement because she and her husband are solid.

I now pronounce you Work husband and Work wife…

Granted relationships and marriages have changed over the last 10, 20, 30 years and what we determine to be allowable was once frowned upon and abhorred. You may have heard or may have been someone’s work husband or work wife, and from what I know may of them are simply plutonic.

Work husbands and work wives usually ride to work together, make lunch for each other, stay after work, or do other thoughtful things for one another. I actually think it’s cool to have a work buddy that makes your workday more fun. The people that I knew who were work spouses knew each other previously and they knew each others significant others. I think it goes smoother when everyone knows each other, although it can get convoluted when pillow talk convos make their way into the workplace. All is well and good until . . . it isn’t and I don’t like drama.

Coffee anyone?

I am a Luke Cage fan, and anyone who’s seen the last 2 seasons knows that Luke Cage gets a lot of coffee date invitations. Now, it may seem innocent and plutonic but those coffee dates ended with nakedness and heavy breathing. So to save everyone’s relationship, don’t go out for coffee.

In fact, if your flirting is leading you down the dark path of coffee dates just propose that the other person bring you some coffee back or better yet, buy you some. Here is the Starbucks Coffee Relationship Saver

For those who aren’t Starbucks fans, here’s your Coffee Relationship Lifeguard 

OK OK OK…tea drinkers deserve a chance too! So here is the Tea Love Couple Set

I hope that this conversation helps your relationship. Thank you for watching the video. Don’t forget to like, share, and comment.


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