12 things that I learned from Michelle Obama: Becoming Part 2

12 things that I learned from

Michelle Obama

Becoming: Part 2

Michelle Obama is a remarkable woman, wife, mother, and professional. After reading the book “Becoming”, I was super inspired to continue to be great because there are so many God-given connections waiting to be made for me to fulfill my purpose.

4. You can have it all, but expect to pay a price

When I read how Michelle Obama had a successful career, a romantic relationship, and beautiful children. Her life was going great but she had to continue to make sacrifices that accommodated her family and her needs. Michelle knew that she married an ambitious man, who loved people and desired to help as many people as possible.

Some may look at Michelle Obama’s life and say “I wish I could be her” or ” I want to be just like her”, and often times we say those things without knowing the work that goes into it. After reading her book, I realized that having open communication and redefining marital/family goals is super important because it will allow you to gauge what sacrifices need to be made by both parties; otherwise, you will be walking around resentful and disgruntled.

5. Be a PHENOMENAL WIFE without getting lost in your husband’s shadow

Michelle Obama was an awesome example for women to learn how to navigate uncertain territory. She had a suite of experiences and storage of knowledge that allowed her the freedom to carve her own lane and challenge boundaries while in the White House. She didn’t conform to the traditional role of a First Lady; she decided how to make changes that best suit her family and their lifestyle. I love that Barack encouraged her independence.

While I advocate for strong men taking their rightful place, I also encourage women to know their position and how it will best serve their family. Wives can get lost in their husband’s shadow for a myriad of reasons. All in all, I would encourage you to surround yourself with people who uplift you, do activities that make you feel significant and communicate your needs to your spouse.

6. Train up a child the right way with the right tools

Mrs. Robinson, Michelle Obama’s mother, raised her to be confident, vocal, and intelligent. Mrs. Robinson, and her late husband are responsible for setting a solid foundation for children. As a result, Michelle Obama achieved great academic heights, trailblazed her professional career, and cared for a beautiful family. Now, Michelle Obama is passing down those foundational lessons to her two daughters.

I had to take a real hard look at my parenting after reading this book. I learned that I can be too controlling and out of control sometimes. Being a mother of 5 boys, I realize that I will set a pattern in their life that will either propel them to greatness or damn them to mediocrity. So, I decided to change my approach and allow them to apply the things that I taught them while being there to help when they make a mistake.

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I hope that you all learned some things from this post. I would love to hear your opinions on these certain topics, so don’t forget to talk to me.



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