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12 Things that I’ve learned from Michelle Obama: Becoming Part 4

12 things that I learned from

Michelle Obama

Becoming: Part 4

Michelle Obama is a remarkable woman, wife, mother, and professional. After reading the book “Becoming”, I was super inspired to continue to be great because there are so many God-given connections waiting to be made for me to fulfill my purpose.

#10: Catalogue your life lessons and build a toolkit

How many of us have gone through something and didn’t learn the lesson, only to go through it again and finally understand the meaning of it? I have for sure. Too many times, in my youth, I have gone through a repeated experience without understanding the lesson that I was to learn. Once I learned the lesson, I used it to help me in other areas of my life; like how to manage people, how to persevere, how to walk in excellence instead of laziness, and a whole lot of other stuff. I know many women and men who make the same mistakes in relationships; it’s like they keep connecting with the same type of person and getting hurt. Do you know anyone like that? Clearly, they aren’t learning the lesson.

Michelle Obama is like the queen of taking lessons and building a toolkit because she mastered it in her academic life, professional life, and family life. She used her experience with her cousin, who often challenged her “blackness” because she was so well spoken, and realized that sometimes you have to fight to prove that you belong. She took that altercation with her cousin and used the essence of the matter to forge ahead and get things accomplished in the White House.

#11: Don’t forget date night

We have been together since high school, married for 10 years, and we have 5 kids, so when it comes to date night we often forget to do it. I’ve been guilty of taking my spouse for granted and putting the kids’ needs ahead of our marriage because life was getting the best of me. However, I realized that people make time for what’s important to them and my husband and I had to realize that we weren’t prioritizing each other. We didn’t want to use “life happen” as an excuse to neglect one another and become a corny couple. So we got back to redefining our date nights and quality time. We know that it’s super important to do those things and keep a pulse on one another.

Even though Michelle Obama has less kids, she certainly had more going on that me hahahaha. When she an Barack got married they made date night a priority, then even went to the same restaurant and ordered the same thing, even after the girls were born. I truly admire her for not making excuses or using the kids as a reason not to go out with her husband. The Obamas are truly a couple that we should look up to because they are awesome down to earth people.

#12: Be a crown to your husband and not a cancer

I use to be a total cancer, and not the zodiac sign either. I was a bitter piece of trash who treated my husband like crap for a while after we got married. On the outside we looked perfect but on the inside I was destroying my home like a madwoman. I was taking out my pain and hurt on him, yet he never degraded or belittled me. . . he simply loved me through it. My husband prayed for me and I was praying too because I knew that I wasn’t being the godly wife that I was suppose to be, and once those prayers got answered honey I was back. I was the wife who exalted and adorned her husband like a crown instead of destroying him in private and public like a cancer.

Michelle Obama is a perfect example of being a crown to your husband. In all of her years, she has been the classy, educated and loving woman that we all know. She has never had a scandal or anything unsightly in her past surface, nor has she acted in a “reality tv” way. I’m sure that there have been times that Michelle wanted to reach across a table and knock someone out but she didn’t because she knows her position of grace. She never lowered herself to those standards, in fact she coined the phrase “when they go low, we go high”, something that she learned from her mother. I totally understand that position because have you ever seen a queen get off her throne to address a peasant? Exactly, we have to stay in our precious place.

I hope that you all enjoyed reading this series of what I learned from my aunt Michelle Obama. I’d love to hear your remarks and comments.

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