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Schools are closed, Kids are home, and I can’t Netflix and Chill!

I was super skeptical about this global pandemic because it just came out of nowhere and I didn’t have enough details. Things got real when I saw how quickly it was spreading and how quickly fatalities were popping up. My heart goes out to the families who have lost someone due to this virus.

I know that I was not the only one who felt this way but baby when we saw that the NBA intended to cancel the NBA games. . . I knew it was really real because I’m like (side eye) are they seriously willing to cancel the rest of the season for this virus. [Que the scary music] At that moment, I knew the Coronavirus was trying to get me but I won’t let it happen and here’s why…

#1: Schools are closed

I am a teacher by day and a superhero by night but besides that. Last Friday, our principal had us get together 10 days worth of assignments to give students before they left school at 12pm. I felt like I was gonna pass out a few times during the rush of printing packets and working with my colleagues, and getting things together, and keeping the students at bay because they were freaking out, and cchhhhiiillllleeeeeee I was done. Anyway, I didn’t allow the Coronavirus to kill me and make me anxious during this event. Not to mention, we will be off from school fro 2 weeks. YYYYYYAAAAYYYY! I have so much work to catch up on, projects to finish, and plans to start.

#2: My kids are home

As many of you may know, I have 5 boys. Not just 5 boys, but like 5 rambunctious and active and big eaters. Lawd help me, but anyway, we will be home with the boys due to schools closing for the next 2 weeks. Don’t get me wrong, I love my boys, but I love them so much more when they give me time to myself. Since that won’t happen organically, I plan to run my kids ragged these next few days hahahaha. I’m going to make them run, exercise, do their schoolwork, prayer, bible study, reading, and a bunch of stuff to tire them out. This way, we will get to spend quality time together and they won’t be hell bent on interrupting me and my husband because they are bored hahahahaha.

#3: I can’t Netflix & Chill

Let me remind you that Mr. Harris and I have 5 boys, and 5 boys only. I am done and don’t want to smell another baby hahahahaha. No seriously, you’re new baby is cute and all but I may actually jump out of the basement window if we have another baby. So I say all that to say, I will be using my time wisely during this 2 week break aka State of Emergency. I will make time to spend with my love but I have so many tasks to execute and books to read. So I encourage you to do the same, unless you have to work, or you actually want another baby. Haha at any rate, have fun!!!

I hope that you all are staying safe, washing your hands, and loving on those you love 🙂

-Aquisha “Mrs. Mommy”

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