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Hello you lovely people,

Have you ever wanted to take time and make it stand still so you could get more sleep? Well that is how I felt today lol. My son was running a fever for the past two days; he was irritable, cranky, and out of sorts. I felt so bad for my baby bumpkin because he was in such despair.
When he woke up in the middle of the night, I realized my first response was to nudge my husband and wake him because after all he was closer to the door (:-) don’t pretend like you have never done it lol) but it dawned on me….DING!!!…the reason I get up and tend to his needs, is because I love him. Not because I feel guilty or unfit if I don’t but I LOVE HIM. The same thing goes for my husband, I iron his clothes, pack his lunch, and make him breakfast upon request because I love him. I mean I REALLY REALLY DO!!!
I think sometimes when we get bogged down with our own womanly, motherly, and wifely duties we neglect to operate in love. Let today be the last day we operate like robots who follow a mundane routine. Let LOVE be your motivator.
Whatever you have to do…do it!!!! Use post its, wake up and meditate on the word love and find a different meaning to follow for each day of the week, call your husband at work or write him a note to brighten up his day! The more you help your husband and children reach excellence, the more God will favor you and give you the desires of your heart.

Prayer for us:
Dear Lord,
Thank you for blessing us with a beautiful day! Please forgive us for sinning against You in word, thought, and deed we wish to do better and we desire your help as we strive for excellence. Bless our families with great health, strength and safety. Make us women of purpose and virtue because we have so much to give yet we have so much to learn. Thank you Lord for assisting us as we humble ourselves and become virtuous women who admonish and honor our husbands, and value our children. I speak peace over our minds, that we will give the problems to You and trust You to give us the strategies we need to overcome. Thank you for loving us and our family!!! We love you and thank you…in Jesus’ name we pray, Amen

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Love you all and be encouraged!!!

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