Marriage, Mrs.

He was right and I was dead wrong!!!

OKay so last week I was so upset with my husband because of something I thought he should have done, and he was upset with me for the same reason. I was venting to one of my married confidants, who always gives wise counsel, and told her how I was feeling and really poured my heart out.

Well later that night when I was calm and in the wifely mode, instead of the totalitarian authoritative boss mode, I spoke with my husband about the situation and why I was so mad. He listened, but with no reply. As a wife 🙂 and woman, I continued to ask questions that required a response so our conversation wouldn’t be so one sided.

Man O Man did he burst my bubble hahahahahaha!!!! I felt so silly because I was really the one at fault. Since I was so focused on what I had to do that morning by mapping out our departure time and travel time, I expected everyone to chop chop and get it done. Although it’s great to have the time and travel planned out, but I neglected to factor in some important components like (Breakfast & Baby). Due to my lack of preparation with the baby and the breakfast, I honestly made my time slots unrealistic for my husband to achieve. Yes I consider him my King who can do anything, but it was totally unfair of me to expect him to do what I viewed as “easy”.

So after our conversation, (forget the fact I got an attitude in the midst of our discussion but I let it go lol) we agreed that when I wake up that I should just make breakfast for everyone so they can eat while I get dressed and make some morning runs, and then they will be able to get dressed and ready because their clothes were already prepared the night before. Phew!!! I feel great and honestly I needed a check because some things we start out doing as wives, women, and mothers often times get neglected once we take on new things. But hey, it is always great to have a new start!!!

Prayer for us:
Father God we thank you for allowing us to see our flaws. We thank you for the maturity it takes to be able to admit when we are wrong. Right now we decree and declare that our lives will be consistent and we will make extra efforts to be exceptional wives, women, and mothers. We know it is in our power to achieve because you have given us You, and we can do all things through Christ who strengthens us! Thank you Lord. We seal this prayer with the blood of Jesus, Amen!

Scripture: Phillipians 4:13

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