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     It has been awhile but I’m back. Ok so my life has been great but complete organized chaos becaaaauuuuusssseeee…….(DEEP BREATH) I have been doing too many things at one time with no precision, execution, or peace. Ok there I said it…DON’T JUDGE ME, BUT IF YOU DO AT LEAST WAIT UNTIL THE END :-).
     Here’s what I have learned about myself:

         1. If I don’t follow the instructions the Lord gives me the 1st time, then all of my efforts are FUTILE!
         2. If I don’t listen to my husband’s wisdom…I end up wasting money and exerting unnecessary energy.
         3. If I don’t organize my thoughts and actions strategically (LIKE I DO FOR EVERYONE ELSE’S) then I will no operate at my peak.
         4. If I don’t stop “Multi-Tasking” which really isn’t multi-tasking because I am doing a bunch of things and not finishing them at all; which is scientifically known as being a NUTTY BUTTY ahahahahahahaha.
         5. If I DO NOT believe in my value and worth then I will never be satisfied in my progress or accomplishments.

Since I am transparent, I am not ashamed to disclose my areas of improvement (WHICH IS A EUPHEMISM FOR WEAKNESS) 🙂 However, I fixed my problem and rely on my accountability partners to help me stay on track. I admonish you to put your ego aside, and allow others to help and correct you when you need it.

I talk about more of these topics and situations in my book. So you should get my book “A MODERN VIEW OF VIRTUE: THE JOURNEY OF BECOMING A PROVERBS 31 WOMAN” for $11.99 plus s/h! Go to Paypal.Me/AquishaHarris/15.98

My Prayer for You:
Dear Lord, 
Thank you for my friend who is reading this blog. I truly appreciate Your presence in their life. Help them to operate at their best, yet not to over do it. I declare that their life will be excellent in every area, and I speak life over those places that are desolate and causing barrenness. We want to be successful in every facet of our lives; personal, professional, spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical. 
In Jesus’ name, Amen

Romans 10:9- If you say and believe Jesus died on the cross and rose for your sins, then you will be saved. Jesus loves you !

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