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Woman of Wealth- Ms. Andrel Harris

I don’t know about you but I love making money. However, I need help when it comes to saving and watching my spending habits. There are a few people that I know who are able to set a financial goal and actually reach it, without deviating from their financial action plan. One of those determined and financially disciplined people are my girl, my cousin (kinda), and the fabulous financial guru–Andrel Harris.

Andrel Harris, hails from Elizabeth City, North Carolina. She is the founder of AH University, a financial literacy platform for people who desire to gain a better understanding of finances and set realistic financial goals. Before launching this prosperous business, Andrel started out like most of us. She had a job, car, house, and debt. When the recession hit, she was effected like the majority of the population. Contrarily, her fate was drastically different.

Ms. Harris did not wait for a handout or a yearly tax return, instead she set an aggressive plan to pay of her debt. She scaled back on her spending to the basic necessities, she didn’t buy gifts or splurge on birthdays and celebrations, and she didn’t go personal shopping for (wait for it)— AN ENTIRE YEAR!!! OMG! That alone would discourage the common person, but not Andrel. She stayed committed to her purpose and goal until she was totally out of debt and in a stable financial lifestyle.

Since sharing her amazing testimony of how she climbed out of debt, her business has grown exponentially. Andrel Harris is helping people, especially in the under-served communities,  build a solid financial foundation and eliminate financial stress. She is an amazing woman who people can trust. Although Andrel Harris has branded herself in personal finance, other people seek her expertise for business start-ups and other business financial advice.

Since we all have to deal with money, it only makes sense to BOOK Andrel Harris and let her help you get on the winning side of money.

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