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What Moms Need To Know: Bathroom Edition

I know something you don’t know…but don’t feel bad because I’m going to tell you. Did you know that dryer sheets have more purposes than just removing static out of your clothes and making them smell good?

Exactly…me either. I started using dryer sheets to enhance my cleaning around the house. Believe it or not, I use these sheets to clean my bathroom. OMG! Dryer sheets work wonders on my toilet; which is super important because I live with all boys (who don’t always hit the mark…they normally hit the wall, floor, or toilet seat UGH!!!). Anyhoo, I used a three step cleaning plan to remove the gunk, enhance the smell, and bring out the shine.

  1. Wipe the area with a dryer sheet to scrub the gunk and nasty stuff off. (It doesn’t matter whether it’s the sink, toilet, tub, or floor).
  2. Take a paper towel and disinfectant spray to clean the area. Repeat until the area is void of any nasty stuff.
  3. Use another dryer sheet to dry the area you just wiped. This final step will be like putting a top coat on. ( I guess the shine comes from the remaining film on the dryer sheet. Either way, it makes things smell better and look shiner).

Stand back and look at your awesome work and do your happy dance.

I hope that this helps. xoxoxo

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