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The Pros and Cons of Sleeping with your BOSS!


Ok Ok Ok! I know the title is a little unsettling but hear me out. I have years of experience in this area.


  1. You get to know your boss intimately
  2. You know his strengths and weaknesses
  3. You can build a deeper level of trust
  4. You get more leniency than other people
  5. You are more likely to get a raise in pay
  6. You will be celebrated publicly
  7. You get to protect his heart
  8. You get to know his secrets
  9. You consult with him to make big decisions
  10. You become his business partner and friend
  11. You get many benefits and maybe even a baby
  12. You are his wife and he’s your husband


  1. You may be asked to do a lllooooottttt of “sleeping” together

Hahahahahahahahahaha! I know you were probably in an uproar but thank you for indulging me. As most of you may know, my husband and I work together. Naturally, I sleep with my boss and business partner. Not only do we run our businesses but we run our family like a business too.

In our family, everyone has a role and job to fulfill. We understand our roles and are available to offer assistance to one another, so they will be able to achieve the overall family goals. I love my boss aka Mr. Harris aka Harry aka Luscious aka Butterbutt-butt aka my love.

I hope that you are enjoying your boss too. Make sure that your pros always outweigh the cons, and if they don’t then I’m here to help.



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