Are they a sucker or supportive?: Re-evaluate your relationships



I was sitting back thinking about my relationships today, and honey let me tell you that I am sifting and sorting people in my life. I had to ask myself a few questions and answer them honestly; without regard for anyone’s feelings besides mine. I want you to do the same.

As you go through your family and friends list, ask yourself these questions…

  • What did you bond over? Look at how you started the relationship with the person. Did you form a relationship over gossip, drama, trauma, a party, bible study, etc.? Many time the way you begin a relationship will dictate how your relationship operates.
  • Is this person an asset or a liability? A beneficial relationship should be mutual and not one-sided.
  • Is this relationship a building block or a stumbling block? Your relationships should foster growth that will get you to the next level or help you execute your goals. A stumbling block relationship is an aversion to your future. We have no time for people who are in the way. (Bye Felicia!!!)
  • Are they a sucker or a supporter? Sometimes the suckers are disguised and often manifest themselves as supporters, but take a closer look. This person is always around but what are they doing? For example, your friends are helping you to setup for a party while the sucker is in the kitchen asking you what they should do about their relationship. Ugh! What?! Suckers normally make things and situations about themselves with no regard or slight regard for you and your needs.

I hope my cute little bullet points helped you understand the difference between the two. now it’s up to you to make it happen and remember that YOU should be the most important person to YOU.



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