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Controlled Chaos and a Camera: A Mother’s story

So I met my darling, Heather McCall, on Facebook and I had a great connection with her. She is a lovely woman with a handsome husband, beautiful children, and a hobby that she turned into a business. Naturally, I was excited to talk to her because she is a Mrs. Mommy who will support, enrich, and empower you to take hold of your purpose and live your dreams. I am inspired by this beautiful woman and I know that you will be too. Check it out!!!

Ok so, you’re a mother again. What are you learning that you want to share with other moms? I love seeing my kids grow. I learn something different about them every day.The greatest misconception about motherhood is that you’re able to control everything. My life is a controlled mess lol. Having 3 kids is my greatest achievement lol. I’m an only child so the noise, the annoying little brother, the bouncing around for activities is new to me. As a mother, I’ve learned that its ok to make mistakes and it’s ok to not agree with other mothers. Never forget about yourself. Don’t lose yourself becoming a mother. It’s really easy to focus FIRST on the kids and SECOND on yourself. Love yourself…

Well said, I know after reading her words I had to check to make sure that I wasn’t neglecting myself.

 You have a business now, but how did you get started? The name of my business is AverieSun Photography. I’ve always liked taking pictures but didn’t get serious until after I got married. I did it mainly for my daughter. I wanted her to see me work and I also like to have her work with me. I wanted her to see that she can have her own business as well.

I think it is truly awesome to be an example to your children and model a life that they can aspire to have in the future.

Ok now for the RANDOM FUN STUFF: Tell us a funny story. We like to laugh! I don’t have a business phone so ALL my calls go to my personal cell phone. My son picked up my phone while I was putting things in the car. It was a potential client. When I got into the car ready to pull off my favorite song came on. You know how you start dancing, clapping, and singing at the top of your lungs. I never asked my son who is was talking to because I really thought he was talking to himself. He finally said mommy your singing too loud I can’t hear the phone. lol. I asked who he was talking to and he said a man that called. I said, Daddy? He said no. I snatched the phone. Cleared my voice and apologized, he understood and I still booked the client. We had many laughs when we finally met in person.


I love how children don’t care about keeping personal and professional lives separate!!!

I hope you enjoyed reading this and check out AverieSun Photography on Facebook and !


Aquisha Harris

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