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It’s either me or your phone!

Don’t laugh! I know I’m not the only on who feels like the phone and/or gaming system (XBox or Playstation) is the “other woman” in the relationship. So what if I bought it..I digress. Why should I have to feel like 2nd best or like I’m competing for his attention? Exactly! I shouldn’t, right?

Well, one of my buddies who just happens to be a dope Marriage & Family Therapist, he shared some ways that we can bond using technology. I almost freaked out because I don’t want to play Madden or NBA Live, but I do  like Call of Duty, shooting games, and other car games. However, Ryan (my MFT buddy came up with alternatives to having a “me vs. the phone” showdown.

Since my husband and I have a relationship and romance built on writing love letters, I know that texting is another technological way that we can build our relationship. When we text each other I don’t feel left out or ignored, and that reveals another layer of our relationship. Yay!

Find out which 1 of the 5 ways works for your relationship and let us know!

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