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When You Feel Like You Need Encouragement

Hey there beautiful,

I hope things have been going well for you these days, and if they haven’t well don’t fret because you are still a masterpiece being refined. I see and hear so many women wallowing in sorrow that it breaks my heart.  Many of their heartbreak is from a bad marriage or relationship, jobs that they hate, harbored resentment, and a bunch of other issues that can be solved if properly addressed.

I believe that we were created for greatness and each one of us carries a heavenly deposit of “something” that makes us special and set apart. Too often we collect the trash that people have spoken over us and keep it as a trophy, but I’m here to tell you to dump that crap and begin speaking life over yourself.

You may be saying “Quisha, how do I speak life over myself and what does it mean?” Well, lovebug, speaking life means that you express and declare affirmations over yourself that empower you to feel great and be great. Which would you rather hear? I’m so dumb and I’ll never get this right! OR I’m smart enough to do this! YYYYYAAAAYYYYY! Hopefully, you chose the latter answer because that’s the one that will empower you to achieve more and feel better about yourself.

If we don’t build ourselves up then what kind of example are we setting for other people. Exactly! We have to teach people how to treat us by how we treat ourselves!

In case you need some help for your “life speaking journey” then I’ve got you covered.

I want you to download this Daily Declaration and post it somewhere where you’ll see it every day.  Ok cool, well here you go >> A Modern View of Virtue declaration-2



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