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How other Moms got more organized

Moms need to get more organized

How many of us mom feel like there is not enough time in a day? We rip and run and do a million things but still may not get it all done. I may be the only one, but I’m probably not, who starts cleaning one room then gets distracted by another task that needs to be completed…now multiply that by 12 and I look up hours later and realize that I have not completed the first few chores that I started. Not to mention that I am super exhausted and I still have to pick the kids up from school (on time), get homework done, stop the sibling fights, get dinner done, and the band plays on. My life functions so much better when I have a daily schedule, and I can enjoy my family more when I stick to it.

How to be a more organized Mom

In a recent post, I shared a few strategies to get more organized by using our  3N® Organizational Tool. As mothers, we can be too ambitious and lack practicality when it comes to our household and family responsibilities. In order to avoid unnecessary “Mommy Guilt”, we must organize our days according to priority items while building in time for ourselves. Raise your hand if “Me Time” is important…

Our friends at Good Housekeeping ( wrote an article that listed 9 ways that moms get more organized. I totally love each of the 9 tips that they gave, but my favorite one was making dinner in the morning because I love making dinner early. Who feels like rushing dinner when the kids get home and all hell-en breaks out? Not I said the duck! I would much rather have dinner done and save my energy for the kids and of course my husband 😉 If I haven’t told you, Crockpots are God’s gift to Moms because it allows us to make dinner the night before or the morning of so that it can be ready to serve that evening. Here’s one of the best Crockpots that are kid tested and mother approved>>>        One of the other tips that probably wouldn’t work for me right now is the one load of laundry a day. I really like to get laundry out of the way so I will take it to the laundromat or hire a laundry service to do the laundry for me. Everything else on the list is awesome and I encourage you all to read the article.

Your new life as an organized Mom

Now that you see the wonderful tools and resources I know that you feel more at ease. We, Mrs. Mommy United, are a network of Mothers, Wives, and Mompreneurs who will benefit from maximizing our time. A few years ago, I can vividly remember trying to juggle being a woman, wife, mother, and businesswoman while keeping my mind in tact. I was a wreck who couldn’t seem to balance my life. Keep in mind, pre-baby I was a super organized person then to have it go out the window when the baby came was terrifying. Thank God I am back on track, and it’s because I learned how to construct my schedule to fit my family’s lifestyle and continued to modify after each baby boy was born. I am more than happy to help any mom who needs assistance adjusting her schedule, just email me lovebugs.


Have a great day and don’t forget to have your “Me Time”,


Mrs. Mommy

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