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5 Creative Ways To Boost Your Confidence


5 Ways To Boost Your Confidence

I Am Enough Self-Love Campaign

Hey suga suga,

I hope that you are having a great summer so far. I’m enjoying my 5 boys and husband…I don’t need a vacation alone  🙄. But that’s neither here nor there, I wanted to fill you in on our Summer Self-Love campaign “I AM ENOUGH”. OMG! Can I tell you that so many people, especially women, are being empowered from these 3 simple words. 
I had one young young lady tell me how she went to try on a bathing suit and before she got ready to talk against her decision or let the negative self-shaming comments roll off her tongue….she STOPPED! Can you guess what she told herself?
YYYAAAASSSSSS! You guessed it. She sad “I AM ENOUGH”! Needless to say, she bought the bathing suit and her husband gave her compliments on how good she looked in it. So those 3 words changed her whole mind and shifted her attention from focusing on the extra tissue issue that we get after birthing humans into this world, and she focused on how beautiful she is. Kudos to that young lady! 
So yeah honey, while you believe that I AM ENOUGH, here are 5 Creative Ways that will help you boost your confidence times 1million.

#1: Wear a BOLD lipstick or get a BOLD hair color

These bold statements automatically make you stand out and command attention. Not to mention, it’s fun and exciting to try something different. Get out of the normal routine. I can’t tell you how many compliments I get on my bright lip colors, and let’s not get started on the ombre pink hair. I get stopped by men like I did when I was single hahaha, but seriously they can’t tell I’m married with 5 kids. This change up has been a true confidence booster for me! Think about what colors you should get…Pinterest is a very good place to start.

# 2: Make Eye Contact with a stranger

We go through out our day focused on the next thing that we have to do and rarely look at people because we are usually buried in our phones. Take a chance by looking a stranger in the eye without looking away or looking down. [Disclaimer: Don’t be a creeper and stare at people hahahaha, I’m talking about as people cross your path by holding the door for you or taking your order, etc.]

#3: Respond to Negative thoughts OUT LOUD

Yes I said it. This is going to require you to talk to yourself sometimes. If you get a thought that is fearful, respond by saying “No, I can do it because I am enough”.

#4: Do something CRAZY

Ok ok, you may think that I’m trying to turn you into me hahaha but I’m not. We are doing this together and getting out of our comfort zones. So you may need to sing out loud, dance in street, hug a stranger, wave to someone across the street, or something like that.

#5: Take a Dance Class or POLE DANCING class 😛

You heard me right. Go and spice up your life by enjoying salsa, ballroom, or pole dancing class. These classes are tons of fun and they are filled with first-timers looking to have a good time. So go and enjoy yourself.

I hope that some of these things scare you enough to believe that You Are Enough!

Be grateful and thankful for who you are.

Oh yeah…If you haven’t purchased your “I Am Enough” Tee just click the link and let me know what size and color (blue, pink, yellow, and white)

Love you much,


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