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12 things that I learned from Michelle Obama: Becoming Part 1

12 things that I learned from

Michelle Obama

Becoming: Part 1

Michelle Obama is a remarkable woman, wife,mother, and professional. After reading the book “Becoming”, I was super inspired to continue to be great because there are so many God-given connections waiting to be made for me to fulfill my purpose.

1. Find your voice & keep it

Michelle Obama was groomed to use her voice. She mentions how her mother allowed her to speak about situations that were displeasing, and some of those situations included speaking back to adults. During the time of Michelle Obama’s childhood, a child speaking her mind, let alone speaking back to adults, was generally frowned upon. However, Michelle Obama’s mother gave her a platform to be empowered to use her voice. The confidence that Michelle Obama exudes when speaking publicly definitely comes from a solid foundation.

I reflected on my childhood and how many occasions that I used to speak up for myself or to advocate for others. I was confrontational, bold, and confident. I was usually the one that people would reach out to apply pressure on an issue. Unfortunately, somewhere down the line, I seemed to have lost my voice because I was allowed certain things to happen in order to avoid confrontation. SMH! Just recently, I came to the realization that I was being too accommodating and that I can’t change my posture to make other people feel secure. My voice came back when I stood on the fact that I can’t allow people to mix my confidence with their insecurity. #BOOM

2. Be intentional and make power moves

I marveled at Michelle Obama’s ability to stick to her plans. She often stated how she was a checklist person who followed a certain routine. Some may view this as controlling or rigid but obviously it works for her. . . and me too (I love structure ahahaha) From a young age, Michelle Obama has taken her education seriously and her future plans seriously. She made moves and put herself in positions to advance.

In the same way, women, especially wives and mothers, must take our future plans seriously. Having a family is beautiful but it can be taxing, which can ultimately make you lay your desires by the wayside. Yes, our husbands and kids are important and we want the best for them but, we have to keep that same energy for ourselves. We can absolutely incorporate our dreams and plans into the scheme of our family business. Don’t wait until this or until that. . . start today and make a plan of action.

3. Strong women pave a way to help the women behind them

Michelle Obama in all her brilliance, didn’t allow pride, arrogance,or insecurity to stop her from connecting with other women who had her answer. She sought out women in powerful positions, who were very helpful and instrumental in her professional success. During her husband’s administration, Michelle Obama used her position to hire strong women around her that would advance her initiatives and enhance the other women’s careers.

I was so pleased to see how many women were working together to get the job done. Not only did they help one another but they supported one another through the complicated uncertainties of wifehood and motherhood. Since I’ve been married and a mother, I have encountered women who acted as if fulfilling my role as a wife is a curse or being a mother is a burden. I had to be very comfortable not to allow their perspective to negatively impact my lifestyle or choices. Like Michelle Obama, I will get the assistance that I need and be unapologetic about merging my domestic and professional lives.

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