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Mommy’s Small Victories

Mommy’s Small Victories

How to be thankful for the little things

Sometimes moms operate on a daily autopilot with a task list as long as the Nile River, but how many of us know how to slow down and celebrate the little things that we’ve accomplished or the seemingly pointless triumphs we experience in a day. Well or fellow Mrs. Mommy, Erin, gives us a loving lesson on the small victories. I know that you’ll enjoy this read.


Eat healthier, wake up earlier, pray longer, get in shape, keep the house straight, finish the laundry, work smarter, spend wiser, cook better……DO ALL THE THINGS! 
Does this sound like anybody else’s goal list, or is it just me?
I am constantly learning new things about life in this stage of motherhood. It has changed my perspective.
And I guess that’s okay since my teacher is such a cute ginger baby. Cecily has shown me the sweetness of small victories.

What I learned from poop…

This revelation came to me after a little humorous victory of our own.
Recently on a short drive across town, Cess made a poopy diaper. No big deal, right?
Right…no big deal, until you’re having to scrub it out of literally everything because of what I lovingly call “diaper squish”. Mamas, you know exactly what I mean!
So naturally, my thoughts turned to dread thinking of the many nooks and crannies that poop seems to find in a car seat. 
Corey and I parked the car and prepared for a full-on biohazard clean up operation. To our surprise, Cecily’s diaper had perfectly contained the mess!
I then proceeded to do a happy dance while singing to her about how exciting that was and wiping her clean.
Yes, that was an insignificant event…to some people. But for us, it was significant. It was worth dancing and singing ridiculously in a parking lot. In Corey’s words, “…it’s the small victories..”

Celebrate the small victories

Don’t let those little wins pass by without celebrating them. They matter. I think our Father above delights in our small victories. When you wake up a little earlier to spend time with Him, He’s there.                  When you speak kindly to the person operating the slow drive-through line, He hears you. We will never do ALL the things perfectly. Give yourself grace. I do hope you accomplish all those big goals on your list. But don’t forget to celebrate the small things along the way. Even if it means doing a silly victory dance in a parking lot.




Thanks to Erin, I know that many of us will think about how we will shift our minds from dwelling on meaningless things or worrying about situations out of our control and just celebrate the small victories. I believe our gratitude for those small victories will please our Heavenly father.

Hey! If you want to check out more of Erin’s posts, go to and check out more of her stories and cute photos that she has of her baby girl.

-Have a great day!

Aquisha aka Mrs. Mommy

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