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5 takeaways from our 5 Day Motivated Mama Challenge

5 Takeaways from our 5 Day Motivated Mama Challenge

We spent 5 days talking to fellow Mrs. Mommies about what keeps them motivated. We have a lot to juggle as women, wives, mothers, business women, and mompreneurs on top of the other responsibilities that life throws our way.

Day 1: Faith for Wealth

Ok so Mrs. Mommy, Teresa Satchell, shared her wisdom on staying motivated. She lives a very intentional and disciplined life; as a wife, mother, and business owner (Kingdom Legacy Partnerships and My Husband Loves Me), she knows first had the importance of being focused on goals. She shared how she doesn’t allow her mind to be cluttered by social media or negative information in the morning, I know many of us roll over and check our phones before we’ve even put our feet on the ground.

Life keys as simple as starting your day with prayer and meditation to center yourself is essential. Teresa also mentioned how she eliminates things from her life that don’t benefit her; thus taking up space for the blessings that God wants to deposit in her life. She had to reform her mind to have the faith for wealth, not only to acquire it but to maintain it, and make it grow.

Day 2: Live the Life that you Love

Our other fitness guru, wife, and mother of 5, Candace Withers, shared her daily routine that includes waking up at 4:30/5a.m. to get her workout in and to have some time for herself because she knows how busy her days can get. So by waking up super early, she is able to plan properly and manage her day. How remarkable is that? That takes so much diligence and discipline.

Candace and her family had to adjust to a recent life change when her husband decided to go back to school and pursue and advanced degree. I don’t know about you but having a spouse who is working late or going back to school can really dampen a marriage or family dynamic, mostly because the family is use to seeing each other around dinner or whatever but Candace and her family have adjusted beautifully. She stays true to the theme of ” Live the life that you love” because you are in control of it and there’s no reason to make excuses, just get results.

Day 3: Just Breathe

Autism Advocate, wife, and mother of 2, Katlyn Peek is another Mrs. Mommy who just gets it done. Katlyn has been a blog post contributor for us and we were so intrigued by her story. If you don’t already know, Katlyn has a son who was diagnosed with autism and a rare genetic disease. Needless to say, Katlyn like most parents aren’t prepared for that kind of news but she had to spring into action to make sure that her child was receiving the proper care and getting the best resources.

Not only does Katlyn have to manage her household but she just received a new position as a Board member for the Autism Society of Alabama, and we are super excited for her because she is enhancing her expertise in autism and advocacy. During our interview, Katlyn spoke about the importance of just breathing, and as simple as that sounds many of us neglect to do it properly. So try it today and take Katlyn’s advice. . . JUST BREATHE!

Day 4: Do What Makes You Happy

Mrs. Mommy United is international because of this young lady, Desree Fellows, who is a blog contributor for us. Desree is a wife, mother, podcaster, teacher, and a bunch of other cool stuff. While interviewing this young lady, I realized how wise she is and she’s not even 30 yet. She talked about how she balances her life by doing yoga, working out (which she loves), baking, and cooking. I love how she and her husband are such great teammates where he will step in and do what ever needs to be done so that she won’t feel overwhelmed.

Desree also mentioned how she suffered from depression and anxiety but by her committing and being motivated to practice self-care, she has fewer episodes and is finally living a life that is blooming. Her theme for this season in life is “Spring”, which is so awesome because she is seeing somethings come into fruition, become new, and blossom into the life that she wants and that makes her happy. Take a page out of her book.

Day 5: It All Won’t Get Done Today & That’s OK!

Lastly, our lovely Aquisha (Akeysha) Harris . . . me hahahahaha, graced us with her presence and wisdom for the final day our our motivated mama challenge. I simply spoke about the importance of priority management and not being stuck in a cycle where you can’t enjoy your present space. I was notorious for being so goal oriented that I couldn’t fully enjoy my husband and my children because my mind was always in the future thinking about what needed to get done.

I am doing much better with enjoying and staying in the moment. I truly have to be intentional about this because I am visionary, and many of the things that I think about and plan for are years away from happening. So I prioritize my plans and my tasks so that I can fulfill what needs to get in done in order of importance.#Boom I hope that it helped someone.

I don’t know about you but I am motivated to create a life that I want to live and be prepared to receive all of the blessings that God has for me without regret.

Until next time. . . Mrs. Mommy United over and out!

Aquisha Harris aka Mrs. Mommy

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